Current Memberships:

Member, Air Force Sergeants Association

Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Member, Alliance of Security Analyst Professionals

Member, National Rifle Association

Member, Electronics Technician Association International

Member, EC Council

Member, Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society

Assistant Vicar General, Director of Communications and IT, Corporate Vice President / Member, Corporate Board of Directors,  Old Anglican Catholic Church USA

Governor General and Knight of the Collar, Order of St. Isidore of Seville

Special Adviser to the Grand Master and Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Eagle

Member of the Chancellery and Knight Grand Cross, Order of Saint Constantine and Saint Cornelius

Knight Commander, Confraternity of the Knights of St. Peter and St. Paul

Regional Young AFCEAN Representative, Texas Region Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

Executive Council, ArkLaTex Chapter Armed Force Communications and Electronics Association

Chaplain, Green Knights MMC, Chapter 75

Knight Commander, Order of Knights of Good Works

Lord Knight, Order of St. Michael

Tribune, Order of Centurions

Member, Labarum Guard, Princeps Posterior

Member, Patriarchal Order of Mar Gregorios

Member, True Grace Ministers Association

Member, United Fellowship of Interfaith Ministers

Board of Directors, Universal Life Church Seminary


Past Memberships:

Member, Fraternal Order of Police

Vice President, McGuire 56

Chairperson Scholarship Committee, Barksdale Top 3

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